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Who are the mattress experts for The Villages, Florida area?

There is only one name that stands the test of time as the area’s mattress experts and that is The Sleep Center on Parr Dr, next to Spa & Patio Center. This mattress store is amazing. They are local mattress experts that loves to educate shoppers instead of selling them. It’s a no-pressure shopping experience with your complete satisfaction as the goal.

Who owns & operates The Sleep Center in The Villages, Florida?

The Sleep Center is owned and operated by Mr. Brent Spaulding. It is by his direction of standards that leads us through every step carefully and purposefully. Brent is a master mattress pro that has personally delivered hundreds of mattresses and shaken the hands of thousands of happy customers through the years. Brent is a very hands-on owner that sweeps the floors and drives the delivery trucks that make sweet dreams happen for oh-so-many wonderful folks.

Brent Spaulding was the manager of this location in The Villages, Florida and other locations in Ocala, Florida but later purchased these locations from former boss and long-time friend, Chad Pelt. Brent currently owns & operates four mattress stores in Florida and a busy online ecommerce mattress store for those outside of the normal delivery zones.

Brent takes the time to learn every product with continuing education by the top mattress manufacturers in America. He travels to the factories and facilities and explores all there is to know about mattress materials and construction processes to better understand the performance and best use of each unique product and mattress model. He believes it’s important to stay current and stay in the know by the people that make the best sleep products, which are the only items sold at The Sleep Center.

Beyond his passion for helping people sleep, he spends his time at community events, charity functions, and the golf course. He simply loves golf. If you ever need a true golf buddy that appreciates a good conversation, you should check and see if Brent is available. If golf is not your game, Brent grew up being active in Florida and pretty much enjoys all types of sports and outdoor activities. And mattresses. Oh yes, mattresses.


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