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Mattress Tips

  • Comfort & Support.

    No matter what words or products any salesperson pushes on you, these two points are what it all boils down to, so we will begin here with our Mattress Professor Comfort & Support lesson.

    Support. It takes a certain amount of support to resist sag from the weight of your body and to hold your back properly in place, which is critical. A soft, balanced resistance to hold your body from falling to the ground, while at the same time counteracting your body's weight from gravitational pull.

    Comfort. It requires a varying degree of comfort to relieve pressure points, allowing proper blood circulation while you are supported and to provide you with a truly restful sleep surface.

    You will want to preserve these two basic principles while shopping for your next mattress. If you compromise on either one of these important mattress principles, your sleep will suffer and you will be back shopping for a new mattress in no time at all. All of our experienced sleep consultants know to always keep these principles in mind while you "Test Rest" various models on our showroom floors. It is why we carry many different makes, models and types of mattresses. This is one of the reasons we feel there are better ways to shop for a new mattress, than online mattress shopping. Each mattress is different, and your body type and lifestyle greatly affects what the best mattress for you will be, so take your time and don't compromise on such an important purchase!

Mattress Experts

  • Mattress Professor

    The Sleep Center created a consumer tool called the Mattress Professor that is geared towards helping shoppers better understand the terminology, materials and construction of today's mattresses. You will also learn some fun facts, so have some fun and study up with us!

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